Our Mission Statement:

The Bridge Outreach provides sanctuary for homeless and at-risk persons in St. Louis.  Meals and support services for basic human needs are offered by a staff intent on eradicating homelessness by guiding guests on a path to self-sufficiency.

Our Guest and Staff Covenant:

All guests, staff, and volunteers are expected to uphold this covenant.

We agree to…
1. Demonstrate, through both our words and behavior, respect for ourselves, other guests, staff and volunteers, and service providers in the building.

2. Lift each other up with positive thoughts, words, and actions.

3. Support and encourage each other as we strive to create a better life for ourselves and others.

4. Develop and maintain an attitude of cooperation and personal responsibility.

5. Honor each other’s individual expression of faith.

6. Settle conflicts and potential altercations percefully and respectfully.

7. Refrain from negativity and gossip.  If it is not good, true, or positive, we will not say it.

8. Abstain from possession, use, or sale of alcohol and illegal drugs while on or around the premises (building and church grounds).

9. Abstain from the use of profanity, loud or excessive noise, and disrputive behavior on or around the premises (building and church grounds).