At The Bridge, we greet volunteers from as nearby as Washington University, and as far away as Indiana, North Carolina and North Dakota. Mission teams, as well as a place to lend assistance, are also looking for a place to stay while in St. Louis. Here at The Bridge, we welcome their help, and we offer them lodging, as well.

On the third floor of the church in which The Bridge is located are two bunk rooms, each of which sleep 10 people. Across the hall from the sleeping rooms are a family room, with sofa, chairs and a television, and a large bathroom with showers. Also on the third floor, just a few feet from the family room, is a gymnasium where lodgers are welcome to play basketball. Included in the cost of lodging are all meals served at The Bridge during our guests’ stay, and The Walk, the experiential learning opportunity led by a member of The Bridge staff who speaks from experience as a sojourner. In addition to the bunk rooms, The Bridge also offers space, for groups larger than 20, to bring sleeping bags and/or air mattresses and sleep on the floor. Showers and meals are included in this option, as well.

If you would like more information about bringing a mission team to The Bridge, please contact The Bridge volunteer coordinator via email at [email protected], or by phone at 314-421-3136, ext. 105. Especially if you’re planning to visit between April and September, it’s best to call early!