Why “10″ is Best

“She’s/he’s/it’s a 10!” You’ve probably heard this said many times. Typically, it refers to someone or something being great, wonderful, better than the rest, as good as it’s possible to be. When I used 10 in my most recent posts to The Bridge Facebook and Twitter pages, however, I was referring to commercial size #10 cans (available at Sam’s Club and other bulk retailers). Are they greater, more wonderful and better than the smaller, family size cans you find in your local grocery store? Not necessarily–unless you serve hundreds of people at each meal and thousands of guests per week, which the kitchen at The Bridge does! When I ask for the large size cans, it’s in the interest of efficiency. In the time it takes to open the many regular cans necessary for just one meal at The Bridge, a handful of #10 cans can be opened and their contents set to simmering!
For The Bridge, that’s why 10 is best.
Oh, by the way, the kitchen is really low on canned vegetables; so if you happen to be shopping at a location that offers #10 cans, and would like to pick up a few green beans, corn, peas, etc., we’d really appreciate them! Thanks so much. Prednisolone 40mg