A Very Good Day

Today’s blessings:

  • The Department of Corrections donated 1,500 pounds (fifteen hundred pounds!) of fresh produce to The Bridge; peaches, okra, cantaloupe and more.  Thanks to the DOC for helping us to provide fresh, healthy food to our guests.
  • Sara, The Bridge Volunteer Coordinator, is talking with Stealth Creative about The Bridge being the host site for the firm’s monthly “give back” event in September.  Go, Sara!
  • I just spoke with a member of the University City Women’s Chorale.  They present concerts targeted at increasing awareness of various organizations.  In November, in keeping with the theme of Fall Harvest/Thanksgiving, they’re focusing on hunger and homelessness, and they’d like to highlight The Bridge.  What a wonderful way to share information about our mission and what we do!

Have a good weekend, everyone—