The Value of Generosity

This evening, The Bridge is hosting an appreciation dinner for donors. Chef Al, Prentice and the kitchen crew are preparing a wonderful meal. L’Ecole Culinaire extern Jackie created beautiful, eye-catching arrangements of fruits and flowers to grace the serving tables; and Patrick, as usual, exercised his flair for decorating to pull everything together to change the multi-purpose room at CUMC into an oasis of fine dining. It will be great–but it won’t really be able to convey the value of our donors and their gifts.

Thanks to our donors (and our volunteers, who will be officially acclaimed at next week’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner), services at The Bridge have grown from a meals program to include restrooms and showers for our guests; US Mail and telephone service; and computers with internet access so that people can look for jobs, housing and programs and services for which they may qualify.

Through partnership with other agencies in the City’s Continuum of Care, guests receive nursing care from Grace Hill; HIV testing and education from St. Louis Effort for AIDS; help getting new and replacement IDs; and assistance navigating the VA.

The Family Room provides a place exclusively for families with young children. Our staff social worker helps guests navigate their road to self-sufficiency, and our resident OT works with them to build skills that will help them to maintain their independence.

When Ms. Gladys runs out of breakfast meats, she knows that she can count on JV to show up with bacon and sausage. When we need hygiene items for the guest pantry, JB comes through with boxes of soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. When the Event Coordinator is wondering how to provide Christmas presents for the little ones who may not otherwise have any, GK calls to ask what is needed to make the holidays good for our guests.

Big and (seemingly) small, the gifts given by donors to The Bridge are great blessings–as are the donors, themselves. If you’re joining us for dinner this evening, we hope you have a wonderful time. If you can’t make it, please know that you are greatly appreciated–for helping us to do what we do, and, most importantly, for the difference your support makes in the lives of the guests we serve. THANK YOU.